Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day

The whole family will be here. My parents, my brother, his girlfriend, Ryan's parents & his sister. I intend to cook an entirely vegan meal. I have been cogitating and conferring and have come up with an idea of a meal.

Pickled onions (already done)
Olives (already...purchased - I'll get around to this one day! It just takes so damn long unless you want to use lye!)
Pickled mushrooms (Ryan made these - was sampled them last night and they were flavoured well but oh so salty, but we removed some brine and replaced it with hot water, hopefully to mitigate the saltiness)
Marinated Artichokes (It's artichoke season! Yay! Why am I moving to New York again??)
Roasted Green Beans (from the Moosewood Cookbook)
Fresh bread (We'll start the dough rising this evening or tomorrow, so it will have at least a whole day to rise before it gets baked)

Main Course:
Stuffed Courgettes (from Moosewood again) with Seasonal Risotto (I've been making Spring Pea Risotto, but as in season as they are, the peas are too expensive. Since I've got to buy a lot of other stuff, I think I won't splurge this time on the peas- usually when cooking for dinner guests, I allow one "splurge" - last time I bought 3 heirloom tomatoes for the salad that went with an amazing vegetarian Shepherd's Pie)

Lemon Mousse with Berry Sauce

The mousse I intend to make today. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful finding a vegan lemon mousse recipe, so I am going to experiment. If it works, then it can keep in the fridge until Sunday and be just as good with berry sauce then. If it doesn't work (and is Awful), well, we can resort to the usual delicious pie of some variety Ryan has been perfecting for years.

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