Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I feel a little guilty now.

The Patients Voice invites to a ResBlog about Gout

Dear Friend

May I take this opportunity to invite you to a new online research blog discussing the impact of gout on lifestyle and environment?

If you suffer from gout then this is a great opportunity to share your views. By doing so you may have a positive impact on the treatment options on offer in the future.

To take part please click the link below:


Please bear in mind that all contributions can be anonymous and your comments will be used to design a new international research project.

Contribution is easy! Just fill in a user name of your choice and type in your comments.

Feel free to share this link with anyone you may feel would be interested. We are very keen to hear their views as well.

Kind regards and many thanks for your help

The Patients Voice – Community Manager


littleangelkisses said...

I have a friend with gout. Hmm....sounds interesting.

Conscious Zombie said...

Don't feel guilty. Whatever sent that to you obviously didn't read the post. It was probably a bot. And if it wasn't a bot, it was probably an under-paid, under-educated, under-instructed prison inmate who was told to troll the internet for people with gout and send them a form letter.

Are you going to complete the survey?

slartibartfast said...

What conscious zombie said.

Let's all post the word gout in our blogs and see if we can get recruited.