Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More strange things I found on the internet.

Hold onto your hats, fellow brides! You're not going to want to be out of the loop on this latest bridal fashion trend! "Savvy Sneakers"!! See below:

Also available on the site, for the ease of those who like everything to be labeled as the thing that it is, this lovely t-shirt:


Addendum, July 2008: Oh you wily, sneaky sneaker makers who changed the addresses for the above photos: no amount of web hackery will make your wares any less disgusting. Particularly that awful tank top that reads: "Finally!" in rhinestones across the boobs, followed with the description "Have you been waiting for to be engaged, and you finally are? This tank is perfect for you! Sparkling crystals spell out "finally!" in your choice of colors. and you can choose between a tiara, solitaire ring or BRIDE brooch." I don't need to go into the bad grammar nor should I have to go into why that particular sentiment is so disgusting.

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La Nina said...

Those shoes are going to go so well with my dress: