Friday, May 9, 2008

Pickled Onions

I have been somewhat neglectful about my recipes on here. Recently, we made a terrible batch of yoghurt that got all grainy and weird as soon as the starter was added, so I made it into yoghurt cheese and have been eating it alternately with sugar and vanilla or with bread, olives and pickled onions that I pickled, yummily, with cider vinegar and salt.

They are an awesome pink colour and the recipe could not be simpler:

2 chopped up red onions
1 cup cider vinegar

I blanched the red onions in water, drained them and then put them back in the pot they were blanched in, with 1 cup of vinegar and about a teaspoon of salt. I added a little cold water to cover the onions and brought it back to a boil, after which I simmered for 1 minute. Transferred the contents of the pot to a jar and stuck it in the fridge and then had them for breakfast the next day.


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slartibartfast said...

You do realize that in two weeks and several hours, we will be enroute for the LAND OF PICKLED ONIONS???!!?

O frabjous day! Callooh, Callay!