Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Final Indulgence

I finally feel normal. After 2.5 days of feeling really sick*, this morning, or perhaps late last night, I finally began to feel more human.

*sick as defined by, excruciating headache, sore throat, stuffed up nose and a general propensity to burst into tears for no legitimate reason.

It started when I got home from my incredible weekend. Here is a picture from my incredible weekend:

Margo, Me, Nikki, Larke

My wonderful friends, whom I suspect perhaps know me better than I know myself sometimes, surprised be with a trip to Cyrus in Healdsburg for an 8 course tasting menu. The meal was so amazing that we were still talking about it the next day. I'm still thinking about it and that was Saturday night! The wine! The sugared mint leaf that topped the first dessert course! The cucumber consommé! That, along with the bathing ritual in the Fairmont Sonoma mineral baths plus a barefoot Shiatsu massage! Heaven!

Then I got home, took a nap and woke up sick with Ryan's Cold From The Airplane. And for whatever reason, I was inexplicably emotional. Normally when I'm sick, I'm just sick. I get on with my life. But for whatever reason, my brain chemicals were affected this time as well and I felt so sad for two whole days!

As of this morning, I am snuffly but much cheerier. I've even finished editing a press release and writing an opening pitch. So. Here's to getting things done!

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