Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm terrible at multitasking. Admittedly so. My last boss complimented me on my admittance of this to him: I admitted it in an effort to get him to actually give me things instructions, instead of smiling at me and telling me to be a "leader" not a "follower" (and then saying "We want you to be a Superstar").

HOWEVER. When I am cleaning the house, I invariably end up listening to either NPR or This American Life.

Since my last night in London though, when I had the fortune to have a free "newspaper" thrust at me several times outside the Russell Square tube station, and while I turned the man down, because I generally turn everything down that is shoved into my face, later one that day, I picked up someone's abandoned copy on the train and it had a television schedule in it. An episode of Stephen Fry's panel show QI was scheduled and I watched it. In my little bed-and-breakfast with an airlock for a bathroom (this place seriously had an airplane toilet shoved into on corner of the room, sealed off like a walk in refrigerator). And I enjoyed it and have been enjoying it this week, instead of TAL and NPR.


Kim said...

I always turn down things shoved in my face too. I guess I could be missing out on some things! NCLM

susan said...

I'm just the opposite. I get terribly bored and tend to stray if I'm stuck doing only one thing. Funny, huh?