Thursday, July 10, 2008

It just keeps getting better!

My brother and his girlfriend are also being entertained by Craigslist, seeing as they are advertising for a roommate:

i'm looking to sublet a room from 15th-18th. i noticed yar place is walking distance to cow palace and its where i will be during that week. i am trying out for the american idol auditions and i really really need a place to stay very bad. i'll be coming from LA, 25yo, recent college grad in biology, hoping my luck at a shot of stardom in the music industry.

all i need is a place to sleep and shower. will not use laundry or kitchen.

let me know if you are cool with this idea. i am on a tight budget and i hope to be considered. how much do you think is a fair price for these dates?

Kate said that her favourite part was the "yar" in the second sentence and I have to agree. I told her to ask for credit in the liner notes as part of the rent.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I find the trend towards bad grammar, poor spelling and lack of proper punctuation extremely distasteful. Emails are such a poor way of communicating properly in the first place, why eliminate 75% of the tools we have to make ourselves and our intentions understood? In addition to this, the very fact that you choose not to use these tools suggests that you are uneducated, lazy or both. Whether or not that is true, is that something you really should be projecting to total strangers from whom you are asking a favour??

ADDENDUM: Just found out his email address name is "Mystery Guy". NO JOKE.

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