Thursday, July 10, 2008

Craigslist follies, cont.

I did write back to him. The email follows.

Please make out the cashier's check for the purchase price of the
motorcycle, $3500, plus your shipping costs to

David Ryan D---------
1--- B-----Street
P--------, CA 9----

Also, please send to me your name and physical address, so that I can
make sure shipping details are in order before I send the motorcycle
with your shipping people.


I've never seen a fraudulent check before. I'm hoping it arrives
before we leave.


Ryan's first name is not David, by the way. Also, completeley unrelated to Craigslist, but still worthy of a note in my "odd things that happen" file, I wrote this yesterday at the airport:

I'm totally just about to get on a plane with Chris Matthews. Not that I think traveling with celebrities is really that big of a deal or anything, I just think the way I recognized him was funny:

Hey. That guy looks familiar. Is he an actor? Some 80's actor? God he looks depressed. He looks grumpy. I think he's someone who shouts a lot.

Is there an 80's actor who shouted a lot? No. He's not an actor. I think he shouts at people. OH. It's that guy from one of those shows that my father leaves on the television, that one where he shouts at people....what's his name?? Oh yeah, Chris Matthews!

For those of you who don't have a father who likes to rant at televisions, Chris Matthews is one of those "hard-hitting" journalists who asks the "tough" questions. His program is called Hardball with Chris Matthews. I've never liked what little I've seen of him and I'd like to point out that the picture on his website is severely photoshopped. He doesn't have creamy skin and rosy cheeks. He looks more grizzled in real life as well as considerably more "melted". But he had a Hardball back pack, so it had to have been him (I guess even famous people use their company swag). To be fair though, I did see him in an airport and it is a little below the belt to judge people when you see them in an airport. They are probably looking their absolute worst and feeling like crap. I know I was. Then I got on the plane and sat next to a man who had such terribly wind, I couldn't sleep.

Ahh, airtravel. I can't wait to go again and pay a large sum of money to be treated like a hostage for 5 hours. No food, barely enough liquid to keep one hydrated, and trapped in small space and very limited opportunity to relieve oneself.

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