Sunday, September 28, 2008

[annoyed grunt]

I made really good gnocchi the other night. I used a combination of this recipe and this recipe, from Heidi Swanson's blog, 101 Cookbooks (I did not make peach gnocchi but I did bake the potato instead of boiling). Heidi has a great blog and I've gotten many ideas from it. I was so excited about the gnocchi as well as about the butternut squash I stuffed the other night that I thought I would combine the two.

I used this recipe from Earthbound Organic Farm's website, because it seemed the simplest. It also was a terrible recipe and I don't recommend it. The squash did not drain at all and the dough ended up all floury and lost all of the squash flavour, because I had to add so much flour in order to try and get it to a reasonable consistency, which I never actually achieved - we tried one dumpling because the "dough" was so questionable. I think that the recipe required the dough to be wetter than the potato version I previously made which would be fine, except that if I'd used the dough that would have resulted from following the exact instructions (less flour and assumably more butternut flavour), I would have been pouring it into the water instead of scooping it. Bollocks to that! Ryan's turning it into butternut squash bread as I type. Jerks.

In addition to that attempt, we pickled mushrooms yesterday and I'm soaking onions in brine for pickling tomorrow.

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Samantha said...

Hi there...Samantha from Earthbound Farm, here. It's good to get your feedback on that recipe. It was actually written by one of the local chefs that come our little Farm Stand to lead Chef Walks -- a walk through our fields to harvest fresh, seasonal produce, followed by a cooking demo. We realize that sometimes professional chefs write recipes that leave out too much for the home chef and that might be the case here. In any event, we'll de-list this recipe until we can test it. Thanks again for the feedback!