Saturday, September 27, 2008


A few days ago, Ryan hooked up my record player and receiver (vintage 1970's - with tubes!!). It was a wonderful surprise to come home to, especially because now I can exact my revenge on my downstairs undergrad neighbours that insist on coming home at 1am, blasting their stereo system and smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, I do not own any Kylie Minogue on vinyl (yet!), so my revenge will not be complete.

Today I listened to Blood On The Tracks and I started thinking about all the music phases I've gone through.

1. Ages 6-10. The Beatles. That was pretty much it.
2. Age 10. I discover Faith No More and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
3. Age 12. I discover Green Day. The deep fondness I have for punk rock is rooted. I still don't really like the Ramones very much though. Surprising (horrifying for some, I know), but give me Social Distortion or the New York Dolls anyday. I also discover that I like the bass and funk music.
4. Age 13. I discover that Green Day kind of sucks, but George Clinton is pretty cool. I'm still ridiculously into the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I have my first kiss at a Duran Duran concert (I'm sure there's a Facebook club for this) and spend a lot of time listening to 80's music and watching the Big 80's while talking to Sara on the phone. I still love Duran Duran and all that goes with it. I wish I could have had the Talking Heads play at my wedding.
5. Age 14 - 17. I listen heavily to funk influenced music and stuff that is "technically" good. Buckethead, Praxis, etc. I can't really listen to that stuff anymore, I find it a little cloying. The Red Hot Chili Peppers consistently let me down. I tried to listen to a Primus album the other day and it just didn't feel right.
6. Age 18-19. I discover Glam Rock. A (so far) life long love affair has begun. I went on a date once with a guy principally because he looked like Marc Bolan. I think David Bowie should be president. I also start listening to poppier music that somehow doesn't typically make it on to the radio - things like Blonde Redhead and Ween.
7. Age 20-22. I live with Jay, Casey and Anna in Santa Barbara. It's at this point I discover Nick Drake, Cat Power, Elliot Smith, Yves Montand, Zoot Sims, Manu Chao. I become further enamoured of Ween, T Rex, David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, the Flaming Lips, Beck, Air and the Violent Femmes among other bands. I start listening to everything I can get my hands on that Matador Records puts out (particularly Yo La Tengo, Belle & Sebastian and Arab Strap) and also listen to the best music radio program ever broadcast, Morning Becomes Ecletic with Nic Harcourt. I also began a fascination shibuya-kei music, electro-lounge and start listening to samba and bossa nova like mad. I develop a slight crush on João Gilberto as well as fantasize about learning Portugese. I started going to LA a lot to see shows as well as going to every live show I can possibly make it to in Santa Barbara and Ventura. I start to hate Phish and all things reggae. I also start building my vinyl collection.
8. Age 22-25. In addition to continuing listening to everything in the last phase, I have a boyfriend who wails on the harmonica. He reintroduces me to Bob Dylan and introduces me to Muddy Waters. I leave Santa Barbara and resume going to shows in San Francisco.
9. Age 25-6 months ago. Because he wails on the harmonica, I go with the then boyfriend to meet a friend of my friend Jessie, who has an old style, finger picking blues band he's trying to get together. I break up with the boyfriend but continue going to John's house nightly to hear the music and drink beer. I learn to love Etta Baker, Son House Robert Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt in addition to old time, hokum and bluegrass. I start going to as many shows as I can afford. Some notable shows I went to during this time: Ween (4th time), Flaming Lips (3rd time), Old Crow Medicine Show, Air, Chris Cotton & The New Hokum 3's, Deerhoof, Cat Power, Bob Dylan (notable only because it was Bob Dylan, Ladytron. It was at the Bill Graham and I just don't really go to shows at large venues - what's the point?).
10. I leave Palo Alto Investors and no longer have money for concerts. John Henry's Farm plays at my wedding. Then I move to Ithaca. There are some good vinyl stores here, but I'm too broke to shop in them.

This is just a short summary. I could go on and on, but the point is: I'm excited about my record player being up and running again.

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