Sunday, September 14, 2008

Awful, awful woman.

Someone must stop this awful, awful woman. She's a menace and I'm certainly not comfortable with her being a 72 year old heartbeat away from the presidency and neither should you!

Just read this editorial she wrote in the NYT about why polar bears should not be on the endangered species list. Note how she never actually tells you what reasons there are not to, just that she doesn't think we should.

OR how about this YouTube video of her standing on stage while her pastor or whoever claims that Alaska is a refuge state for after the rapture:

Note the poor grammar and nonsensical statements. ("Let's give the Lord a hand for our Governor!") Can you imagine the kind of people that take that sort of language seriously? They must be drooling morons!! There aren't strong enough words for that kind of stupidity!!

This hockey mom, average joe bullshit I find intensely irritating. I don't want my leaders to be average joes like the rest of America. I want them to be smart, open minded, quick witted and WELL READ. I want them to be able to name a philosopher besides Jesus Christ (who is arguably not a philisopher). I want them to have traveled and seen the world. I don't want a sniveling, vindictive little shrew who can't see past the end of her own nose.

That is all.

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