Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stock I

I've decided to experiment with making my own stock. I think it will end up being a useful thing in the kitchen and really not very hard as I peel a lot of vegetables anyway. The first attempt is on the stove right now (right next to the pickling mushrooms cooking in their vinegary, salty, lemony brine!). I used:

Squash pulp
Potato peelings
Top of a tomato
Carrot peelings
Courgette peelings
The outer fleshy bit of an onion
Mushroom stem ends
2 Bay leaves
Leftover garlic and chili peppers from the pickled green bean brine

Very appetizing, I'm sure.

For the water base, I boiled some and poured it into the dish I roasted the vegetables in for lunch and left it for awhile, so that I was able to pick up the left over starchy garlicky olive oily goodness that would have been washed down the drain.

I'll strain the mixture and freeze the liquid in ice cube trays, for use later. Cheap vegetable stock! Yum!

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