Monday, October 20, 2008

further injuries to my person

To add insult to injury to pre-existing injury (the broken rib is from a few days ago), I have a problem of an indelicate female nature, in the form of a mild UTI.

After drinking a bunch of cranberry juice (which is fine, because I love it) and monitoring my discomfort, much in the same way that La Nina does in this entry, I finally asked Ryan to drive me to the drugstore, to get some of that stuff that makes your pee orange (I had to ask Ryan to do it, because, I remind you, I cannot turn my head left which makes driving a rather precarious activity).

I found the pharmacy version of Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride, called "Urinary Pain Relief" - very succinctly titled I might add. When I went to purchase it, after a bit of a kerfuffle about the bag, he said,

"Have a nice evening."

And I thought, clearly, based on my one purchase, my evening has been anything but nice. That's the one thing you can be sure of, when someone is purchasing a product labeled "Urinary Pain Relief." But I suppose one can't make assumptions like these, after all, I may have been purchasing them for someone else. I'll never forget my horror, when purchasing condoms at Target once, when the cashier (female) picked up the box, examined it and then exclaimed, loudly,

"Oh, I've never tried these. Are they good?"

As if they were candy or something. I mumbled something to her about not have tried them either and then fled the store and my shame.

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