Friday, October 24, 2008


Injury update: I stayed mostly immobile today and yesterday and as a result am in much less pain. HOWEVER. I feel like a lazy slob as a result of this, so am not sure which is worse.
My husband has asked me to knit him a scarf. I love scarves. I love scarves so much that I have one of those Ikea shoe holder things just for scarves...I also have them for the various pairs of shoes I own, but that's another entry.

Ryan however, has never worn scarves. Apparently he isn't constantly cold, like I am. Of course I start knitting again and start having all these fantasies of knitting all my Christmas presents for everyone. Socks! Bags! Felted Slippers! Watch out, friends and family members! Start practicing masking your disappointment with fake smiles as well as the phrases, "Well, it's the thought that counts really. She meant well."
In other news, I have just learned that there are two kinds of biodegradable when it comes to biodegradable plastic bags for dog shit. The kind that actually biodegrades and the kind that is labeled "Biodegradable (except as defined by California)."

I discovered this by Googling '100% biodegradable except as defined by California' after Ryan pointed it out on the label of the packet of 120 "faeces bags" (as they are written on our shopping lists) that we bought today. How depressing.

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slartibartfast said...

We got some of those the other day and are taking them back.