Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's blustery today. But you don't really expect any less from England - in fact, it's been quite mild.

Ryan and I have a deal. To use a phrase one of the evil hedge fund managers used to use, irritatingly all too often (read: at all), it's on the DL. So I'm certainly not going to publish it here.

Of course, Ryan'll probably read this and think, "What the hell is she talking about?" and then ask me, and then I'll tell him, and he'll say, "I don't remember making that deal."

The DL is where I was told to keep my insane "work"-related trip to Reno (loudly, so that everyone in the office knew that I was keeping something on this apparent "DL"). Out of some strange sense of integrity, I suppose I'd better not go into the details. Conversely, out of some strange sense of needing to get things of my chest I will enter some words that could be used in the formal description of the trip:

rude to the taxi driver
rude in general
supposed to be moving
"I can't wait to never go"
somewhat exciting
good story after all
...what's wrong with this country today and I can say that with utter seriousness and prove it, by using the current economy as evidence.
no artist I know would be caught dead there, even if it was part of an exhibit and I told them so
terrifyingly large
overuse of the word "burner"