Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Strange Things I've Found On The Internet

Well, to be fair, I did not find this thing on the internet. Ryan and I found it when we were standing in line at Michael's waiting to purchase a crochet hook. I don't recommend going to Michael's ever, let alone during this particular season but when you live in the middle of nowhere and it's them or Jo-Ann Fabrics for knitting supplies, you do what you have to.

I really needed a crochet hook to assist with the thumb making of a certain pair of gloves.

Anyway, we were standing in line when we saw a box containing this:
Now. You may ask what it is. Ryan did, even when he was presented with the name of the product: The Original Candle Warmer. For warming your candles. You know, the awful smelly ones that people inexplicably have in their houses (usually houses with valances). I always assume that they are there to cover up a worse smell. I assume the same about air fresheners. I find this category of product baffling - why don't you just clean your house regularly and possibly open a window every once in a while?

From the Candlewarmers website:

"From it's inception in December of 2000, Candle Warmers Etc. has dedicated itself to providing to the public a superior and safer way to enjoy scented candles without the need of lighting the candles."

"The only way to use a candle today is to use an Official Candle Warmers, Etc. candle warmer."

The only way to use a candle today is to not use it all, just let it sit around your house gathering dust and occasionally cooking it slightly on a hot plate, thus releasing the scent of sparkling cinnamon loganberry delight, which will almost completely cover the smell of your filthy, filthy house and no one will know that you haven't taken the rubbish out in over 3 months.

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