Sunday, February 8, 2009

England shuts down

Hello Alice,
You asked how are we dealing with the snow, well as you may guess with great difficulty. It seems a few flakes fell and Britain came to a complete standstill. London was in a terrible pickle as the bus depots were snowed in and much of the Unground was also snowbound. At the moment some of the counties have been reduced to using table salt for the roads as they have run out of the usual stuff!! Here in Hellingly we were virtually cut off from the world for two whole days. The worst part though was the biting cold - much, much colder than when you were here. It has now all gone but more is promised for next week!! Like Jeeves, Lucy thought it was all great fun.
Sue has now got herself a laptop and one of her neighbours is teaching her how to use it. He used to train the Metropolitan Police force so no doubt she will soon overtake me with her knowledge and skills.
Hope all is well with you both,
Love Fran.
P.S. Done anymore crosswords lately?

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