Monday, February 9, 2009

The Worst Thing Jeeves Has Ever Done

Dear Family,

Today, while we were out taking the laundry to the launderette, Jeeves ate a large bowl of rising bread dough, the equivalent of 2,000 calories or 2 loaves of bread. It has been deemed "The Worst Thing He's Ever Done." on account of the serious medical implications. We have been told by the vet that after inducing vomiting, we must watch him in case he becomes "drunk."

He's downstairs at the moment, going through his second round of hydrogen peroxide induced vomiting.

Lots of love,

Alice & Ryan.

Pictures of Jeeves during the midst of his discomfort (or comfort? We can't decide. He certainly did not want to walk anywhere or be in any position that was not lying down on the floor.):

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