Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeeves' second near death experience in 2 days

This morning, in a bout of self pity after my job interview offer was rescinded, I went for a walk. (honestly, who does that? Who sends someone an email asking to interview them and then changes their mind? Not to get all sour grapey but I got the feeling that they were horribly disorganised. I've already worked for one disorganised maniac who couldn't make up his mind about anything.)
After crying a little, with regards to the job interview, I resolved that they were probably jerks, exercise was the best answer, so Jeeves and I went for out to the Triangle Woods, by our house. We've had a thaw the last few days (weather in the 50's!) and so all the ice is melting and the rivers that have been made through the ice are extra engorged and the currents are quite strong.

So, of course, Jeeves fell in. To tell you the truth, it was a lot scarier for me than for him. He just floated around scrabbling at things while I tried to get to him through the mud and underbrush. By the time I got near, he'd managed to find a foothold and was trying to haul himself out. I was afraid to get too close, because the ice could have held him, but I didn't know if it would have held me. And if it had crumbled under me, he would have been lost.

I was perfectly okay, rationalising everything I needed to do, ready to chuck my cell phone in case I needed to jump in (and might need it after). Then he scrabbled out, rolled around in the snow and I burst into tears. Again.

I came home, dried him off with a towel and tried to fry an egg. I'm terrified of egg yolk so if I fry an egg (which is a very, very rare meal for me in the first place), it has to be over hard. It fell apart in the pan while I was trying to flip it over and I ended up with a partially scrambled fried egg.

Today really sucked.

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La Nina said...

Oh, how scary and shitty. I'm sorry about the interview, but you're right: if they're this flaky NOW, imagine how awful it would be to actually WORK with them. And if it's any consolation, I'm sure the events of the day are but a dim memory to Jeeves.