Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Squished Friend and my brother got engaged in a BART station.

WELL. This weekend was a little different.

1. Ryan's parents came for a very nice stay. I made bread and butter pudding one night. It wasn't as good as Jenny's, but still passable. I also made pamboli, which I had been anxious to try, every since I copied the recipe out of Jenny's cookbook: How To Cheat At Cooking by Delia Smith .

2. A horse flipped over onto Annie and squished her. She has a fractured pelvis and will be wheel chair/bed bound for 6-8 weeks. I may go down and spend some time with her in Cincinnati.

3. My brother and his girlfriend got engaged. Both this piece of news and the last piece of news were brought to my attention within five minutes of each other. My brother sent me this email:

Oh, and I got engaged last night. While waiting for BART in the Powell
street station. Thought you should know.


I responded with (of course):

You know, whatever the bums at the BART station shout at you, you really shouldn't take it so seriously.

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