Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mugwump and a repeat of "Spoil Her Valentines Day"

Last years Valentine's Day entry. I'm posting the link because I still find the typography in the pajamagrams.com ad hilarious.

I'm going to be a mugwump again and ask, "What the hell are my downstairs neighbours doing that results in my house shaking? It sounds like they're playing Dance, Dance, Revolution with clogs on."

I'm tired of being the grumpy upstairs neighbour. Have I really turned into a get off-my-lawn kind of asshole? I'd like to note that I never say anything to them. Nope, I just make passive-aggressive blog entries in the hopes that they might one day do a search for "Ithaca + How To Be An Inconsiderate Neighbour" and come across this, realise it's about them and then stop playing loud music at all hours, smoking under our windows, leaving trash out, yelling at each other, drunkenly, in the middle of the day (or night), filling the main hallway with smoke, not recycling, frowning at me in the launderette and giving the wrong address to the take out man when ordering in the middle of the night.

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