Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thing A Day - Project 2

You know that awful saying that people say to you about life giving you lemons and such? You know, it's that totally irritating saying which is just about the last thing you want to hear when something shitty's just happened?

I put it into practice (sort of).

Unable to knit a flat circle, because of my very distractable brain (which, mind, is one of the reasons I try to knit - because it incorporates a lot of the things I am really bad at, like paying attention and following directions, at yet I still find it enjoyable.), I knit a very curly one. So curly, in fact, that it's nothing like the pretty felt coaster it was supposed to be. So I sewed the ends together and made a flower. I think I'll stick it on a scarf or something later on.

On to the next Thing.

1 comment:

La Nina said...

It's also an accurate model of hyperbolic space.
Waaaaay smarter than a circle!