Monday, February 2, 2009

Thing A Day 2009 - Project 1

Ever since Ryan's work friend Ron urinated all over our placemats in a fit of drunken sleepwalking, I've been searching for replacements. Yesterday, I decided I would just knit them and felt them and I thought I would do a whole set. So I started with a trivet.

Here it is pre felted:

And here it is, felted:

I'm going to try the coasters today. I realise this is hardly the more complicated stuff I'd hoped (nay promised) to get into with my knitting but it's Thing A Day. A mindless rectangle was all I could hope for.


La Nina said...

Ooh! Felt! Did you do it by hand, or in the machine? (i'm asking everyone this question lately) I have been seduced by the crazy notion that I could be making my own shoes.

Incident Alice said...

I have a pattern for felted shoes! Well, it says "slippers" but who's to know?

I did the felting by hand, with woolite. Someone on the Thing A Day website said she felted things in the bath.