Friday, March 27, 2009

Alice's Adventures in Kentucky...wait, actually it's Ohio this time.

I'm still staying in Florence, but today we ventured up to Beulah Park, which is just outside of Columbus, Ohio in a small town called Grove City.

Why did we go? The same reason Annie and I go anywhere, ever.

That's right, you're looking at my latest investment scheme. Of course, I won't be getting any money out of it, someone else will (they'll be putting in all the money too). But the point is to prove I can do it: take a (free) racehorse off the track, retrain it and sell it to someone else. One of these horses will be coming back to Ithaca (maybe).

Anyway. One of my singular joys in life is going out to breakfast. Ryan is anti-this because...well...I'm not sure why. Regardless. Annie and I went out to breakfast before driving up to Beulah:

Yes. This place sells rocking chairs outside and plays Dolly Parton on the loud speakers. No hound dogs, whittlin' sticks, horehound candy or shotguns though. I checked in the gift shop:

On the way to Beulah, there were two signs that listed the 10 commandants. Really made me regret all that coveting I've been getting up to. On the way back, the same signs were decorated with these two gems, supposed to be read one after the other:

I think this sign is funnier if you just read it by itself:

Then there was this bumper sticker:

All I can say is: Beware of liberals taking pictures of your stupid bumper stickers and posting them on the internet in order to ridicule you and your sensationalistic, militant, small-minded, bigoted, little brain.

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