Saturday, March 28, 2009

More from the Florence Extended Stay America

This hotel stay wouldn't have been complete until this evening.

I am all packed up, sandwich and fruit ready for tomorrow's plane flight (I never, ever buy airport food and neither should you). Annie and I have been sitting at our respective computers for awhile. She turned to me a few minutes ago and said,

"Am I going nuts or is your computer making a funny noise?"

I replied,

"I hear it too. I think it's coming from outside."

I got up and looked.

"It sounds kind of like a quack. Something quacking." she said. I agreed with her.

My exploration out the window proved fruitless.

"I can't think what it is." I said, sitting back down at the computer.

"I don't know either. Unless...." She raised her eyebrows and then gestured to the wall us from the room next door. I raised my eyebrows in kind. Then she put her head on her desk and I groaned. I found a cup, held it up to the wall and pressed my ear up against it. The distinct noise of bed springs squeaking was clear.

"Is that what it is? I think from the expression on your face that that must be what it is." Annie looked at me and then put her head back on her desk.

I frowned and looked embarrassed. Then I nodded, replaced the cup and went back to my seat by the computer.

I actually don't care very much, I kind of think that's what you're supposed to do in hotel rooms. It's just kind of weird to overhear it - like when you overhear someone peeing - the act is such an intimate, private moment yet you know everyone does it and don't really care or think about it very much.

Anyway. Back to New York tomorrow.

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