Sunday, March 15, 2009

We've chosen a CSA farm

After much deliberating, a trip to an informational fair and some whining plus the creation of visual aids, Ryan and I have picked a CSA. It is our first but I'm excited because it will ensure that all of our vegetables will be local and seasonal. I'm also excited to be inspired by the different vegetables that will be available throughout the season. Also, we are going to be able to can, pickle and jamise things and as such won't have to deal with the awful winter tomatoes they have here (among other things).

We've actually decided to join 2. One is a 'normal' CSA called Sweet Land Farm that offers a share of vegetables, fruits and flowers. We chose them mainly because they offered a fruit selection as part of their regular share and that they grow kale pretty much throughout the season (that was more my requirement than Ryan's). The added perk are the fresh flowers - which I love, but never buy. We considered doing a combination of a fruit CSA, plus a vegetable CSA, but it started to get pricey when you consider our second choice, Red Tail Farm. They do things a little differently: You purchase a debit card from them at the beginning of the season, which gives you a discount on their various items. They do vegetables as well, but mainly we are looking to buy their honey and truly free range eggs. The debit system will work well for us, because sometimes we use a lot of eggs and sometimes we hardly use any. Plus I like the idea of supporting beekeepers.

So here's to knowing where our food came from!

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mangocheeks said...

Its not just local and seasonal, it tastes better too.