Thursday, August 27, 2009


When we decided to join our CSA, I told Ryan that an important thing I wanted to do this summer was do more preserving and pickling.

I'm very excited that I've actually done this. The final results have, for the most part, been successful and if they weren't successful, they were at least delicious.

One exciting part of it is that we gathered all of the ingredients ourselves. And the plums came from my mother's garden while the Cornelian cherries were scrumped!

The next plan involves scrumping crabapples from the Ithaca airport and making crap apple and lavender jelly along with green tomato chutney from our sad little tomato plants that will have to be put to sleep soon as the have come down with late blight.

I'm also keeping tabs on the roses in the neigbourhood, because I like the idea of making rose hip jelly. It's in keeping with my little old lady fascination. Sort of goes along with Coty face powder and sachets of lavender. Basically, I'm thinking of my grandmother although I have honestly no idea if she's ever made rose hip jelly or not.

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