Monday, August 24, 2009

Healthcare Reform! Yay!

I was going to have a big announcement about my prodigal return to blogging, but what the hell. Linking to someone else's blog is much easier. Particularly when they've accurately described sentiments which I share.

This won't hurt a bit: Mob Scene

Here's the bit I liked best:

"As a nurse, I cannot speak strongly enough in favor of discussing end of life care with your doctors when you have the chance. Hell, I think all adults should have advanced directives. And your doctor should get paid for the time s/he spends talking to you about your options. No one is lining up to exterminate your disabled child or elderly parent. The fact that I have to write that makes my brain hurt."

Kids, now is absolutely the time to be reforming the health care system. Why? Because our economy is in the toilet (excuse the vulgarity) and people are out of work, and thus without adequate health care. What kind of barbaric society allows its people to suffer needlessly?

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