Monday, November 23, 2009

Pomplamoose and PE Teachers

I love this band. They are so awesome.

Here's another awesome song they do:

In other news, a former classmate of mine was involved in a bit of scandal. Apparently he lied on a resume trying to get a job as a baseball coach at our old high school after working at a skeezy futures broker company (and believe me, I know skeezy finance guys. The money is not worth t). He lied about his position at the fund as well his experiences with baseball in college. I wasn't surprised, the guy was unpleasant in high school, in a way only someone who is totally uncomfortable with oneself can be. I always suspected that he might be closeted, because he was so angry and would use such harsh, homophobic epithets. He defaced a yearbook of mine in middle school. It was kind of a pathetic geek story: all year long he'd been unbelievably cruel to me and I had responded by being bizarrely and ridiculously nice back, thinking that maybe, one day, he would see that I was a nice, friendly person and stop saying horrible things to me and about me. My final attempt was to ask him to sign my yearbook which he did, but not before writing rude things on every page. Surprisingly, I wasn't surprised, only saddened that he had clearly declined my multiple offers of friendship.

I was such a weird kid.

Of course one could argue that this was middle school, forgive and forget etcetera. But he continued to be a total dick all through high school. The most pitiful moment was an outburst in humanities class about how Zorba the Greek had every right to leave his many families, because he needed to do what he needed to do to be happy...the outburst deteriorated into an upsetting admission that his father had done just that and run off with his secretary or something similar.

I felt sorry for him then, sort of the same way I'd felt sorry for him after he'd defaced my yearbook. That doesn't mean I didn't still think he was a dick.

Anyway. Him trying to be a PE teacher reminded me of this Armstrong and Miller sketch:

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