Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dream: I find a new light source

I've been having some really vivid dreams lately. Last night I had a long dream about an old friend and my cousin.

The other night, there was another long dream but the only part I could remember was when I standing in a someone's kitchen - it was one of those super modern kitchens that you see in magazines, where the fridge, stove and dishwasher are the brushed metal kind. It was an Eichler, and one side of the kitchen was completely sliding doors that looked out onto a nice but small garden. In the middle was a large island, which I was leaning against and looking out the windows - it being between me and the windows - and along one wall was a sort of galley kitchen, with a fridge, then counter space, then sink, then more counter space, under which was the dishwasher and somewhere in that mix was the stove. Above the sink, stove, dishwasher and counter space were cupboards made out of light wood. At the end of the galley was a big cupboard, presumably used as a pantry. The counters, including the island, were all covered in shiny polished black granite, which as a rule, I typically do not like but it seemed to work here, I think mainly because of all the sun streaming in from the windows. And the sun was really streaming in. It must have been late afternoon and at just the right time for the sun to hit the windows directly. So on my right was the galley kitchen and on the left was a black wall that didn't reach the ceiling, nor did it reach either side of the room I was in. It looked like something that someone had put up to divide the kitchen from the living room, and indeed, on the other side, a big white couch with huge, oversized pillows were leaning against the wall. Someone - I don't remember who, was watching sports on a huge flat screen television that was on another wall, facing the couch. The wall that the television was on did reach the ceiling, but was otherwise, the same width as the wall dividing the kitchen from the living room. There was more ambient light coming in from somewhere.

So, I was leaning against the island, which was covered in newspapers and playing with a sort of succulent or cactus flower. I had the whole plant in my hand or else it was just the root, I couldn't tell. But it was bright green at the more root-looking end and then shifted into a bright pink end that was flower shaped, but it was sort the same texture as the rest of the root - thick and slightly bristly, with short, tiny tendrils coming off of it. I had a small glass bowl next to me, full of water. It was similar to the fish bowl that comes with a beta fish. I took the root and dropped it in the bowl and instantly, the light in the whole house changed to a dark blue. It was very similar to scenes in movies that are shot in the day time, but made to look like it was night by shooting through a blue filter or whatever is they do. Whoever it was watching the television yelled

"What's going on? What did you do?"

I couldn't explain it, so I took the root out of the bowl and the light went back to normal.

Ryan woke me up and some point. He was standing next to the bed, wearing a pair of pleated trousers that I hate. He hates them too, so his wearing of them is infrequent. I said,

"Why are you waking me up with pleated pants?"

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