Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chocolate Milk

This story about the current chocolate milk war going on reminds me of the Cupcake Wars of ought seven. It also reminds me of something I read somewhere (location escapes me) of parents feeding kids McDonald's food through the gates during lunchtime at school, so the kids would "eat something" as opposed to going hungry because they wouldn't eat the healthier lunch offered by the cafeteria.

I say this with regards to this quote:

"We know that when flavored milk is taken out of the school, kids' milk consumption goes down," says Ann Marie Krautheim, senior vice president of nutrition affairs for the National Dairy Council."

Yes. So? You're worried about calcium and growing bones? Feed them broccoli. Or any of these vegetables. Kids don't need to drink milk, chocolate or otherwise. They certainly don't need the sugar (3.1 grams per ounce) that comes in chocolate milk.

"Krautheim argues that children don't drink enough milk as it is. And if schools remove chocolate milk, kids will choose less-nutritious drinks. "

Then don't offer less nutritious drinks. Is that so hard? Why is that so hard?

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