Thursday, October 7, 2010

Colony Collapse Disorder

Scientists and the Army have found that Colony Collapse Disorder might be caused by a virus and a fungus. Apparently not cell phones as JohnTheHippie tried to convince me all those years ago. Far be it from me to call anyone a hypocrite (I actually do it all the time) - but for someone who pretty much only has a social life (as opposed to any other kind of life, hobby or interest) and who runs that social life primarily from one's cell phone, nagging me about my cell phone usage was...well..inappropriate.

I hear he has a computer now, but I'm not going to email him. I received on or two from him in the past and theY wereALL writTTTNE ss thouhffh HIS CAT WAS wakking acorst thE keeeeeebord.

Too excruciating for this grammar snob's eyes.

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