Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lists: Current Things

-I have taught myself CSS. The website is not perfect yet, but its a nice update on the original and I'm learning a lot.

-My house smells like bread. Ryan made a delicious loaf although for lack of a lemon, he did not make the apple pie he intended. He is now knitting his sweater.

-I had a strange experience a few weeks ago that reminded me of being in middle school. I am still mulling it over.

-Middle school was horrible.

-My mossariums and succulents are thriving. My fern, however, is struggling after its near death experience in the jaws of Barnaby.  I think with some TLC, it should recover. I'd never cried for a plant before.

-I spent a lovely weekend in Connecticut last weekend. It was especially interesting because I'm reading Michael Pollan's Second Nature, which takes place in Connecticut.

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