Monday, May 14, 2012

Children get hurt sometimes.

The New York Times recommended to me that I read this article, on the subject of the dangers of sippy cups. 

This is the same newspaper that keeps publishing articles about how helicopter parents are raising a generation of namby-pamby spoiled brats who are incapable of filling in a job application on their own. 

My point is this: kids get hurt. They trip and fall. I sliced my wrist open when I was 4, running with a ceramic piggy bank. I still got into college.  

From the article:

“We think 1-year-old children are just learning to walk and run and are pretty unsteady on their feet and may be more likely to experience a fall,” said Dr. Keim."

It also mentions that a lot of sippy-cup related injuries that possibly aren't reported because they aren't serious enough to warrant taking to the emergency room or even a trip to the pediatrician. So the number of sippy-cup related injuries are actually higher than the study suggests. Shock-horror. Their are probably an awful lot of skinned knees out there, not being reported either. 

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