Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Job Offer and Another Thing

Two things:

I've been offered a job! Now I have to decide about whether or not I want to take it. It is at the place I've been volunteering and I would be allowed to bring Elinor with me - it's part-time, 19 hours a week. There are good reasons to take it and good reasons not to.

The other thing:
Yesterday I found out a thing about a friend of mine that is quite surprising. I probably shouldn't go into any more detail than that.


Mukesh said...

Who cares?

Why bring it up if you "don't want to go into much detail"??????

Incident Alice said...

I put that there to remind my(future)self that it happened. I'm sorry if I frustrated you, but there you have it.

Incident Alice said...
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Incident Alice said...

Also: In answer to your "who cares?": you do, at least enough to leave a comment expressing your irritation.