Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elinor's first joke.

Apparently the syllable "da!" is hilarious if you are 4.5 months old.


Me, myself and I said...

BTW, thank you for using Months instead of Weeks when referring to her age.

It is really irritating to those of us who have not given birth, when told "Oh Susie is now 23 weeks!!!", to suddenly have to divide that number by 4.

Especially if you're bad at doing math in your head, like I am.

Incident Alice said...

People do it because there can be a difference of a week or so between, say, eight weeks and two months. And when you are only eight weeks old, one week is a large percentage of your life (and therefore can represent a significant amount of development). Once they are old enough where one week isn't so meaningful, months start getting used. And then, obviously, years.

Also: Once it is no longer your own child, weeks-as-age mean nothing.