Sunday, December 2, 2012

John Henry's Farm Album

So, I found John's album on Spotify under the band name "John Henry's Farm". It was a little strange, but here we are.

I say strange because, as someone who is regularly transported back in time by music, it was a very queer feeling to hear songs that I listened to and sang and lived through during a very tumultuous, exhilarating and strange period of my life.

I lived on beer and very little sleep and it all culminated in a terrible, terrible month of January, 2007. Before that January though, I was living through something that I needed to in order to be ready to grow up. Or something. I don't know.

It's too tiring to go into further detail right now. I just wanted to make sure that I captured this moment of feeling so strange.

2 things: 1) I miss the Farm but I don't want to go back. Kind of like: I had a fantastic time at university, but I wouldn't want to do it again now. 2)Matt Fate (John's drummer) defriended me on facebook (awhile ago) and apparently in real life too. And I have no idea why. And it makes me a little sad and a little angry (I'm learning to identify this now! It's not my fault, he's the one who behaved badly! I'm allowed to be angry with him and not me! Thanks therapy!).

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