Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Toaster Oven Story

I fell victim tp my toaster oven's stupid "turn past off if you'd like to unknowingly burn the shit out of your toast" function.

I am feeling quite close to getting rid of it.

My mother did the most cliche meddling mother-of-an-adult-daughter thing you could do.

She came to visit for a few weeks and then about a week after she left, a toaster oven I did not order arrived on my porch. She had gone home, decided I needed a toaster and then purchased it without asking me or Ryan. It did not occur to her that possibly the reason we did not own a toaster oven was because we, perhaps, did not want one.  

And she said nothing to us on the trip. No, "I wish you guys had a toaster oven" or "How do you get by without a toaster oven?" 

(In case you are wondering: we made toast in the cast iron skillet) 


Not only did we not want a toaster oven, the toaster oven she bought was not the toaster oven I would have bought were I trying to buy one. 

First of all, it's huge. We do not have the counter space for it, so when we do use it, we have to get it out, plug it in, use it and then put it away. 


That "stay on" nonsense. If you are careless, and turn off the toaster "too much" you will leave the toaster oven on. And maybe burn the shit out of a piece of toast you'd left in there, because it didn't fit on the plate but you thought you or your daughter might want it in a little while. 

It's been circulating in my mind that I maybe could do without this object in my life. It certainly doesn't spark joy of any kind and just reminds me of the resentment that I have towards my mother for doing this nice thing that was also very weird and a bit rude, not to mention annoying. 

You don't go to someone's house and then order them appliances you think they need, the day you get home. 


slartibartfast said...

>You don't go to someone's house and then order them appliances you think they need, the day you get home.


Incident Alice said...

Whatever you've ordered, I'm selling it on CL. I don't want a mushroom slicer or an electric can opener. Or a popcorn machine. Or whatever else is popping up in your Amazon "People who looked at this item also viewed these" list.