Monday, April 16, 2007

I love the internet

I discovered this web page the other day. It's the Researchers Against Inactivity Related Disorders.

No joke.

Inactivity Related Disorders.

You can have a disorder because of your inactivity.

"Hey what's wrong with you?"

"Aw nothing. It's just my IRD."

"Your IRD? What's that?"

"My Inactivity Related Disorder."

"Oh. What's that caused by?"


"They got a cure for that?"


"What is it?"


I realize the knowledge put forth by the website is commonplace. My shock lies in the fact that the problem is so prevalent that someone has come up with a name for it. And are actively assembling against it. Also that the knowledge isn't commonplace enough, hence the actual creation of the website:

"The major focus of Researchers against Inactivity-related Disorders (RID) is to educate others that physical inactivity, such as a sedentary lifestyle, increases the risk of multiple chronic disorders."

Note the thumbs up that the couch potato is giving us. I'm not sure why he is giving us a thumbs up or why he appears to be wearing an old fashioned flying helmet.

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