Monday, February 25, 2008

Lists: Angsty nervey ouch!

+ Last night my shoulder cramped, painfully. If I had not done as poorly as I did in Human Anatomy, I would be able to tell you what muscle it was. It is still bothering me.

+My mother 64 year old mother has decided to buy a six year old Arab. Arab horses are well known to be ridiculously smart, flighty and insane. I disapprove. I am wary. She consistently disregards my advice and prefers to listen to some woman she knows named Tracy. This is because Tracy does endurance and not hunter/jumpers and as such, the things coming out of Tracy's mouth are things my mother has not heard before, and therefore "correct." I'm worried my mother thinks she's buying one of these:

When, in fact, it might be one of these:

+ Speaking of horse, I have been looking in Ithaca for places to ride. I have sent 2 emails and not heard anything. I am worried that I am asking too much of the places I am emailing. All the places I have found in the area look like weekend rider* barns. I do not wish to be a weekend rider. I am anxious because I am already terrified about what I will be when I go there. I don't have a job, I don't have any nearby friends, it doesn't seem to have much of a nightlife. I'm having trouble sleeping because of the raised eyebrows from people who know me and who know Ithaca.

"What are you going to do there?"

+The place I found that I thought would be great for the wedding is great. It's just half the size it needs to be. Not to mention some guy I went to high school with works there. So that source of frustration is back on the plate.

*weekend rider: the horsie equivalent of a crazy cat lady. Usually a Monty Roberts (a "horse whisperer") fan, they wear sweat shirts that say awful things like "Use the Force" and "A Woman's Place is On A Horse!" They usually have not bothered to educate themselves about proper horse care, preferring to get most of their information from such films as Black Beauty and Flicka and other films that feature horses as "magical saviours for all of life's problems" when really they are just like any other very expensive thing and not at all like really big Labrador Retrievers.

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