Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was in a terrible mood last night and I apologize for the use of the word "troglodyte." It was unfair and unnecessary, I just really like the word. And (clearly) tend to overuse it.
I was bitter and my brother's ex-girlfriend most certainly did not deserve that epithet.

I have since mastered knitting in the round on double pointed needles. Sweaters and hats for everyone to follow.


We are building the guest list for the wedding and getting ready to send out the invitations. Mainly gathering everyone's mailing address.

We received a wedding invitation recently that featured an engagement photo where the groom had eyebrows that would have looked more appropriate on a Puerto Rican drag queen. They were waxed and filled in with a dark pencil. They weren't actually on a Puerto Rican drag queen, they were on a very happy, smiling, clean cut guy in a brand new sweater and button down shirt, clearly bought for the occasion.

Anyway. Back to our list. It's a little confusing. Do you invite people you used to be close to and at one point would most assuredly have been on the list and yet you don't really talk to them much anymore? Do you invite people you've only known for a few months, but are quite close to and would most certainly invite to any other party that was not a wedding? Do you invite people you really don't want to see but propriety indicates that they should be invited? Do you invite your fiance's ridiculous ex girlfriend that a) insisted that she did not ever want to meet you unless he was "serious" about you and b)when he contacted her, via email, to tell her he was going to get married she responded inappropriately and outrageously with jealous, rude, angry and intrusive emails finally demanding that he cease contact with her, despite her desire to remain close to his family? Do you invite close friends of your close friends that you end up hanging out with all the time?

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La Nina said...

my opionion:

yes, yes, no, HELL NO, no but get the mutual friends to bring them as "dates."